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Extreme Energy Services LLC


Extreme Energy Services has a committed staff of highly qualified individuals working as a cohesive unit to provide the highest degree of services possible to our customers. Our teams of Shop Technicians, Field Supervisors, Technical Sales Representatives and Industry Specialist have an average of 20 years experience each and have worked in multiple facets of the Oil and Gas Industry.

With our vast array of thru tubing equipment combined with experienced, well trained technicians and field supervisors, we can successfully eliminate virtually any well bore obstruction.
Wellbore Obstruction Solutions

Thru Tubing Fishing/Milling

Wellbore obstructions are a common dilemma and typically must be removed as they can severely restrict a well's production capability. For instance, scale formation will eventually result in lower yields and well failure, and a fish left in a well can hamper future operations in that wellbore.

Extreme Energy Service's vast array of equipment and obstruction removal systems, coupled with experienced and well-trained technicians, can efficiently and effectively eliminate virtually any wellbore obstruction. A full line of tools and accessories exists to address various applications from standard motor applications to the more challenging underreaming, tubing cutting, window milling, drilling, or fish removal.

Fish Removal/Burn Over Operations

It is often more effective to mill over a wellbore obstruction than to mill it away. Some fishing operations require removal of debris down to and around the fish so that the appropriate fishing tool can be lowered to engage the fish. Certain cast-iron bridge plugs or packers with poor milling characteristics can also be burned over.

In situations where only marginal annular velocity can be achieved, Extreme Energy Services can incorporate specialty tools onto the bottomhole assembly (BHA) to help capture larger debris within its chambers.

Rig Less Plug and Abandonment

Extreme Energy Services Assisted Rig Less P&A Services was created with Safety, Cost Savings and Mobility in mind.

Safety - It takes less people on a rig less P&A spread then it does on a conventional P&A spread.

Flexibility - A rig less P&A sprad can be set up on a Platform or a Lift Boat which in turns saves you time and money.

Please contact Extreme Energy Services for what services we can provide for your Rig Less P&A operations.